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the myth of gun free zones

gun free zones are killing zones.


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Why I am NOT ‘Politically Correct’

the Leftist feds are gonna get someone killed with their ‘Politically Correct'(read: Incredibly biased only applys to those whom we want it to hypocrisy) approach to national security…


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Racist of the year (yah right.)

herman cain

I’ve talked about the Biased left, and I’ve shown off my tin-foil hat, But This guys a genius! BOOYAH!

This guy reminds me of the warden of hall three…

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this is my blog, lemme lay down the laws

This blog is for the education of the unenlightened, encouragement of the the Carriers, and ennoblement of the young.

I will go on rampages, be extremely politically inclined, misspell stuff, and not allow you to curse, you have to live with it or die mad. get used to it,

as long as you don’t curse, you can disagree.

can’t stop the signal

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