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This is why guns are good,

Yes, I know I said ‘I’m not gonna post again till new years’ but the shear Idiocy of the UK’s laws make me want to sterilize all of parliament past, present, and future, And I’m against Eugenics.

Any ways, as I am trying to get the average post length over 100 characters,

Nevermind; I’ll just fail,

This is why I’d rather go to Afghanistan then the UK…

Chef stabbed teaching assistant because he was in a ‘Bad mood’

Talented art student stabbed death Facebook row

when you can be stabbed just because the cook ‘Was in a bad mood’ you are no longer a society.


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Eggnog and Riflescopes

this will likely be the last post until the new year, so i’m gonna try and make it woth it,

then again meby not….

Coming next year-

at LEAST two reveiws,

many tirades on the sheeples idiocy and how to fight it.

the definition of  an ‘Idiotcracy’  and why its even worse than it’s little brother the ‘bureaucracy’

why I support rightwing S.T.O.M.P. instead of the *HACK-leftist-HACK* republic party now,

and much more, (i’ll eat the loathsom Salt and vinegar chips if I don’t do the above….)

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Avoiding the fight, get a kimber M1911a1.

The oldest argument, Glock? or XD? I say get a 1911a1, for about 90 years the 1911a1 was our millitarys main sidearm (read that again-NINETY YEARS) the Glocks doesn’t have a manual safty,

The XD is NOT manufactured in the USA,  Springfield armory imports them,

from the city of Karlovac, Croatia! their made by HS Produkt (formerly I.M. Metal)

(the handgun pod cast)

Glocks are made all over the place- USA,  Uruguay, France, hong kong…

I’d say go with a Springfield armory 1911A1, but they import those from Brazil,

So, if you want a gun that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that its made in the USA,  go with Kel-tec, or kimber,  meaby Smith & Wesson.


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Why I am NOT ‘Politically Correct’

the Leftist feds are gonna get someone killed with their ‘Politically Correct'(read: Incredibly biased only applys to those whom we want it to hypocrisy) approach to national security…


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Do we need to elaborate?

Everyone would agree that face book has a VERY diverse user quota? good,


Gunrights, unbiased


Under god

do we need more proof? I think not.

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Racist of the year (yah right.)

herman cain

I’ve talked about the Biased left, and I’ve shown off my tin-foil hat, But This guys a genius! BOOYAH!

This guy reminds me of the warden of hall three…

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Inflammitory Comments

can’t stop the signal

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