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Rant time! subject- racisim,

Slang for ‘I’m a minority, you have to give me anything i want!’ did you know that?

when was the last time you actually talked to- No – saw some one who was really truly was a racist (White supremacist scum as I call them, take in to account that I’m whiter then rice on a paper plate in a blizzard being eaten by an albino polar bear with a white plastic spork wearing a white cowboy hat.)

now when was the last time you saw a black person (not racist, just the truth) call some one “Racist” because they didn’t get what they want,


I dislike anyone who throws hurtful slang (especially white supremacist  scum) at the few honest people because their not getting their way… grow a spine, your free people and adults- deal with getting treated as such, we won’t coddle you like children.


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computer issues[fixed. 10/01/01]

My laptop has had a catastrophic error, their will be no updates till i fix it.

[Edit: fixed the error, in the process of choosing a shotgun to review,]

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Why are they afraid of the truth?

I find it amusing that the left wing radicals categorize the religious right as some sort of bigoted radicals when some of the groups that are deepest in the left wing camp are so radical as to be fanatic. And other groups propose some of the most outrageous ideas like this:

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Brains not required…

How stupid can you get?!?!

yep, got another one, this ones 12 years old.  empty shot shells this time…


if you don’t get that click here.

I think i’m developing ovinaphobia.

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Sources sources sources…..

the biggest part of a blog are its sources,

I check my sources fairly well,  no Wikipedia, no Communist news network(CNN), no Onion news network.

only really good accurate stuff like FOX news, the Colbert report(no laughing; the guy tells it like it is. ), the druge report, the handgun podcast (I’m listening to it now- Ep.72), Proarms podcast, the like.

If you have a reliable source you’d like me to use, Comment- I’ll check it out.

(seriously, We’re runing out of things to blog about)

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Why I am NOT ‘Politically Correct’

the Leftist feds are gonna get someone killed with their ‘Politically Correct'(read: Incredibly biased only applys to those whom we want it to hypocrisy) approach to national security…

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Do we need to elaborate?

Everyone would agree that face book has a VERY diverse user quota? good,


Gunrights, unbiased


Under god

do we need more proof? I think not.

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