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Rant time! subject- racisim,

Slang for ‘I’m a minority, you have to give me anything i want!’´╗┐ did you know that?

when was the last time you actually talked to- No – saw some one who was really truly was a racist (White supremacist scum as I call them, take in to account that I’m whiter then rice on a paper plate in a blizzard being eaten by an albino polar bear with a white plastic spork wearing a white cowboy hat.)

now when was the last time you saw a black person (not racist, just the truth) call some one “Racist” because they didn’t get what they want,


I dislike anyone who throws hurtful slang (especially white supremacist┬á scum) at the few honest people because their not getting their way… grow a spine, your free people and adults- deal with getting treated as such, we won’t coddle you like children.


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