.22 rimfire? Not lethal?

I’m one of the few people who hold the .22 LR as the deadliest round in production, not many people hold the .22 as lethal. some even shoot .22 CBs (the same round used in commercial slaughter houses to kill cows) as carelessly as a pellet rifle, If you don’t think it can kill- you’re more likely to be careless. Here’s some facts-

the .22 LR is lethal to one and one-half miles!

the .22 LR is accurate to 350Yds The snipers hide .22 LR range and penetration tests

The .22 LR is not a ‘toy’ round, “A .22 in hand is better than a .45 at home”

I’m not gonna tell you the .22 is the only round you will ever need, but if its all you got- it will do the job.

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3 responses to “.22 rimfire? Not lethal?

  1. E

    you’re kidding. people think .22s aren’t lethal? get with the program yall.

  2. Just because .22 LR can be lethal doesn’t mean it’s an adequate choice for a self-defense caliber.

    It has a positively anemic amount of power compared to proper centerfire pistol cartridges like 9mm or .45ACP, is prone to misfires and reliability issues, and has just terrible terminal ballistics.

  3. roper1911

    I never said it was a good round for self defense, I just said I’d rather have a .22 in my hand if things got bad then have a .45 ACP at home,
    and frankly i think any round smaller then the tip of your pinkie is to light for self defense.

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