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Standardized Zombie Slaying Aptitude Test (S.Z.S.A.T)

I in no way support mingle, I just thought this test was awesome.



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On Haitus… cursed camcorder….

sorry all, my cameras battery is fried, I’m currently awaiting replacement.

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The ugly face of white racism- ROLFLOL- biased antigun liberal retards

so who is this ‘white racist’ at this rally?

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Inflammitory Comments

can’t stop the signal

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.22 rimfire? Not lethal?

I’m one of the few people who hold the .22 LR as the deadliest round in production, not many people hold the .22 as lethal. some even shoot .22 CBs (the same round used in commercial slaughter houses to kill cows) as carelessly as a pellet rifle, If you don’t think it can kill- you’re more likely to be careless. Here’s some facts-

the .22 LR is lethal to one and one-half miles!

the .22 LR is accurate to 350Yds The snipers hide .22 LR range and penetration tests

The .22 LR is not a ‘toy’ round, “A .22 in hand is better than a .45 at home”

I’m not gonna tell you the .22 is the only round you will ever need, but if its all you got- it will do the job.

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this is my blog, lemme lay down the laws

This blog is for the education of the unenlightened, encouragement of the the Carriers, and ennoblement of the young.

I will go on rampages, be extremely politically inclined, misspell stuff, and not allow you to curse, you have to live with it or die mad. get used to it,

as long as you don’t curse, you can disagree.

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