this is my blog, lemme lay down the laws

This blog is for the education of the unenlightened, encouragement of the the Carriers, and ennoblement of the young.

I will go on rampages, be extremely politically inclined, misspell stuff, and not allow you to curse, you have to live with it or die mad. get used to it,

as long as you don’t curse, you can disagree.

can’t stop the signal


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Rant time! subject- racisim,

Slang for ‘I’m a minority, you have to give me anything i want!’ did you know that?

when was the last time you actually talked to- No – saw some one who was really truly was a racist (White supremacist scum as I call them, take in to account that I’m whiter then rice on a paper plate in a blizzard being eaten by an albino polar bear with a white plastic spork wearing a white cowboy hat.)

now when was the last time you saw a black person (not racist, just the truth) call some one “Racist” because they didn’t get what they want,


I dislike anyone who throws hurtful slang (especially white supremacist  scum) at the few honest people because their not getting their way… grow a spine, your free people and adults- deal with getting treated as such, we won’t coddle you like children.

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computer issues[fixed. 10/01/01]

My laptop has had a catastrophic error, their will be no updates till i fix it.

[Edit: fixed the error, in the process of choosing a shotgun to review,]

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This is why guns are good,

Yes, I know I said ‘I’m not gonna post again till new years’ but the shear Idiocy of the UK’s laws make me want to sterilize all of parliament past, present, and future, And I’m against Eugenics.

Any ways, as I am trying to get the average post length over 100 characters,

Nevermind; I’ll just fail,

This is why I’d rather go to Afghanistan then the UK…

Chef stabbed teaching assistant because he was in a ‘Bad mood’

Talented art student stabbed death Facebook row

when you can be stabbed just because the cook ‘Was in a bad mood’ you are no longer a society.

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Eggnog and Riflescopes

this will likely be the last post until the new year, so i’m gonna try and make it woth it,

then again meby not….

Coming next year-

at LEAST two reveiws,

many tirades on the sheeples idiocy and how to fight it.

the definition of  an ‘Idiotcracy’  and why its even worse than it’s little brother the ‘bureaucracy’

why I support rightwing S.T.O.M.P. instead of the *HACK-leftist-HACK* republic party now,

and much more, (i’ll eat the loathsom Salt and vinegar chips if I don’t do the above….)

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Conservitivisim, cach the Plauge.

Logic is irrefutable, Logic says I make make my own decisions, Logic says I am not the highest being, Logic says those who will not work will fail always, Logic says those who will not bear arms will fall to those amoral who will bear arms against them,

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the myth of gun free zones

gun free zones are killing zones.

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A revision of veiws.

No,  I’m not going Dem. I’ve decided that quick follow-up shots and high magazine capacity are more valuble than immediate knockdown power, (unless you can get all three in one package.  read: shotgun)  now to get a Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistol, ok- so maby not that extreme, but you get the picture.

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